7 Brilliant Jobs that Need ChatGPT Skills in Your Resume

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By thedigitalgaurav

In this Blog, Digital Gaurav shares about 7 brilliant jobs that need ChatGPT skills in your Resume.

Here are the 7 best jobs where it’s really important to have ChatGPT skills in your resume.

7 best jobs which needs ChatGPT skills

Using ChatGPT can be a big advantage for finding a job in the future. Just like you have a particular tool in your toolbox that companies really love. Recent research from job website Resume Builder found that 91% of companies looking to hire want people who can use these specialized tools called OpenAI’s chatbots and who have knowledge of ChatGPT and having appropriate ChatGPT skills . They think that these chatbots can help them do their work faster and better, which means they can make more money.

Now, what do these chatbots do? Well, they help companies in various tasks just like an assistant. For example, they can help write computer code, create marketing materials, and even deal with legal paperwork. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that robots will take over all the work. These chatbots still require people to work with them. Do these chatbots ( ChatGPT) need anyone to tell them what to do? So people gives commands to ChatGPT and then ChatGPT shows the best results as possible. The Companies needs the people who have appropriate ChatGPT skills.

In fact, there are seven different types of jobs where companies are actually looking for people who know how to use ChatGPT and having appropriate ChatGPT skills. So, if you are interested in one of these jobs, it is a good idea to start learning how to use ChatGPT now and mention it in your resume. This may increase your chances of getting one of these jobs in the future. Sounds like ChatGPT skills is a valuable skill that companies are looking for!

1. Marketing professional

Companies are looking for people who can use ChatGPT and having appropriate ChatGPT skills to support their marketing work. They feel that these individuals can improve their marketing.

Sales and marketing need ChatGPT skills

For example, a company called Lasso MD in San Diego is looking to hire someone to take care of their social media and there marketing field. They are willing to pay an annual salary between $50,000 and $70,000. To make this work, they need someone who can create interesting captions for their social media posts using ChatGPT. So they need a person who has proper command over ChatGPT and has appropriate ChatGPT skills.

Another company in Denver called Flowwater, which cleans tap water, also needs a marketing coordinator. This person will help plan and organize marketing campaigns. One of the things they will do is use ChatGPT to attract more potential customers and enhance their social media and influencer marketing efforts. Flowwater’s CEO and co-founder, Rich Razgaitis, mentions this in the job description. They need a person who has proper command over ChatGPT and appropriate ChatGPT skills.

2. Software Developers

Prescriber Point and Steneral Consulting are two companies that use technology to help with a variety of things. Prescriber Point focuses on health care, while Steneral Consulting deals with computer technology. They are both looking for people to join their teams, and they want to find engineers who can use ChatGPT to improve their projects and has appropriate ChatGPT skills.

Software developer which needs ChatGPT skills

Now let’s talk about Inside.com. It’s like an exclusive website for important business leaders living in San Francisco. Recently, they stopped accepting applications for a job where you can work from your home and pay $125,000 per year! That’s a lot of money!

This work was about creating smart computer assistants like virtual friends for their products and services using ChatGPT and other big computer programs. To get this job, you need to know how to use ChatGPT, has appropriate ChatGPT skills and other similar large computer programs. Therefore, this is a great job for tech-savvy people who love creating cool computer content.

3. AI and machine learning engineers

Businesses are looking for smart people who understand AI and machines like ChatGPT that can learn. They want these smart people to help them come up with exciting new things. Who has appropriate ChatGPT skills and proper knowledge about ChatGPT.

AI and ML

A company called Recruiting From Scratch is looking for a super experienced Machine Learning expert to work from home for one of their clients. They are willing to pay you between $120,000 and $185,000 per year. All you need to know is how to use ChatGPT and has appropriate ChatGPT skills. There is another tool called MidJourney, which helps in creating images using AI.

Then there is another company called Interface.ai. They create computer programs that chat with you like a friend and help you manage your money. Creating computer programs that can chat with you requires a person who has knowledge about ChatGPT and can create programs with the help of ChatGPT very quickly and easily. They are looking for someone who is new to machine learning but extremely excited to learn. They are offering to pay you between $130,000 and $170,000 each year. Your job there will be to make their products even better by using fancy models like GPT.

4. Copywriters

People who are really good at using ChatGPT to create things (You can create your own chrome extension with the help ChatGPT ) are in high demand by companies. Let me give you some examples to explain why.

Copywriting need ChatGPT skills

First of all, there’s a company in Portland called Slalom. They needed someone experienced in writing to help them create advertisements. ChatGPT can help you to write appropriate content. So, that’s why to get these types of jobs you must have ChatGPT skills and proper knowledge about ChatGPT. They were willing to pay this guy between $80,000 and $100,000 per year. In their job posting, they even say that if you know how to use a tool like ChatGPT, your chances of getting the job are better.

Now, there’s another company called Toc, and they help people make reservations at restaurants. They were also looking for someone who knew how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools. This person’s job will be to write things for their business. Toc was willing to pay them between $45 and $55 for each hour of work.

So, if you are good at using ChatGPT to create things and have proper knowledge about ChatGPT or have appropriate ChatGPT skills, then companies are eager to have you in their team, and they will look for your ChatGPT skills. Willing to pay you well for it.

5. Product managers

Think about becoming that person who creates cool new things. Some of these people have a special computer friend called ChatGPT to make their work easier and faster. If they use it and have appropriate ChatGPT skills, it can make them really good at their job. So, when they want a new job, they have an advantage because they know how to use this amazing tool.

Now, there’s a company called Real Chemistry that uses clever computer programs to help with health care stuff. They are looking for a key person called Senior Product Manager to work with their super cool AI program. The best part? You don’t have to go to an office; You can work from home! And they’ll pay you between $150,000 and $175,000 every year!

But the thing is: you need to really love and understand a smart computer program like ChatGPT. Your job will be to help the company create smarter computer programs like ChatGPT to do even more amazing things.

6. AI Model Trainers

Many tech companies are hiring experts who are really good at using ChatGPT and has proper knowledge about ChatGPT or has appropriate ChatGPT skills. They want these experts to teach their own AI systems so they can do a better job.

AI model Trainers

For example, Crystal Equation, a company that helps people find IT jobs, needs someone who understands the language to oversee its large computer programs. They want this person to find any problems or mistakes in the program. These problems can also be solved using ChatGPT, only you have appropriate ChatGPT skills and proper knowledge about ChatGPT. They will pay this person between $13 to $18 per hour, but they will need to know about ChatGPT and a similar program called Google Bard.

Then, there’s DealDriver AI, a company that uses AI to help people buy cars. They are looking to hire someone full-time to improve their computer program, which uses ChatGPT and proper knowledge about ChatGPT. This program helps people talk to car dealers and get better prices on cars. They want this person to work from home.

Finally, Get It, a company that helps people find jobs, is looking for someone who can work from home full time. They want this person to teach ChatGPT how to answer questions about money.

Therefore, these companies are looking for experts who know how to use ChatGPT to make their computer programs work really well. They are offering different jobs with different salaries and work from home options.

7. Recruiters

Companies like Moderna Therapeutics are looking for individuals who are interested in using ChatGPT and have appropriate ChatGPT skills to help them recruit exceptional employees. Imagine you have a special tool, like a super-smart computer program, and you can use it to find the right people to work at Moderna.

Moderna is a company that does important science work in Cambridge. They need someone to work there full-time and use this tool to discover talented people from all over the world. This person will create a plan to find these great employees. In their job posting, Moderna says they want someone who is really good at using technology like ChatGPT to make their company even better. Therefore, they are looking for someone who feels comfortable using computer tools to help the company grow and perform at its best.

These are 7 great job opportunities where knowing how to use ChatGPT can make a big difference in your career. These jobs include various fields like marketing, creating computer programs, working with artificial intelligence and machine learning, writing motivational content, managing products, training AI models, and finding new talent for companies.

Many companies are looking for people who can use ChatGPT to do many different things like creating advertisements, writing computer programs, making AI smart and other things. It is very important to be good at these things and companies will pay you good money to do them. So, if you want a job in these fields, learning how to use ChatGPT is a smart move. Companies really want people who can do this, so it’s a skill that can help you get a great job in the future! All the best for your career!

What is ChatGPT, and why are these jobs interested in it?

ChatGPT is an extremely useful tool that businesses can use for all types of tasks. These jobs really need people who know how to use ChatGPT because it speeds up their work and makes it even better. And when their work is faster and better, it means they can earn more money. So, ChatGPT is like a secret weapon that helps businesses perform well. That’s why these companies need people who have proper command over ChatGPT and proper knowledge about ChatGPT or who have appropriate ChatGPT skills.

What types of tasks can ChatGPT help with?

ChatGPT is like a helpful computer friend that can do many different tasks for you! This can help you write things that make people want to buy (this is marketing). It can also help you tell the computer what to do (this is coding). And it can make other smart computer programs even smarter (i.e. improve AI programs). Basically, it’s like having a super-smart computer friend to help you with all kinds of things!

What jobs are people with ChatGPT skills looking for?

There are seven types of jobs that really appeal to people who are good at using ChatGPT. These jobs are:
1. Marketing professionals: These are the people who promote and advertise products or services to generate interest among people. They use ChatGPT to help write ads and come up with marketing ideas.
2. Software developers: These people are like computer magicians. They make all those cool programs and apps that you use on your phone or computer. They use ChatGPT to further improve their software, so it can do more useful things for you.
3. AI and Machine Learning Engineers: These smart people work on making computers able to learn and think like humans. They use ChatGPT to improve their AI system.
4. Copywriter: A copywriter is someone who is really good at using words. They work with ChatGPT to create all kinds of things like the words you see in stories, ads, and websites. So, they’re like the creator of the internet!
5. Product Managers: They’re like the captain of a ship. They set the direction of a product and ensure that it is successful. ChatGPT can give them insight and ideas.
6. AI Model Trainers: You have a friend who is really good at teaching computers to talk like humans. They show computers how to understand what people are saying and how to talk to them. ChatGPT is like a helpful assistant that can help these experts teach computers better.
7. Recruiters: These are the people who help companies find the right employees. ChatGPT can help them screen and interview candidates more efficiently.
You have these seven different types of tasks to do, and each of these is like ChatGPT’s superpower. It’s like a special skill that helps you do your work much better and easier!

How much can you earn in these jobs if you have ChatGPT skills?

Different jobs pay different amounts, and how much you get paid depends on what work you do and how much experience you have. Some jobs may pay you around $45,000 per year, while others may pay you up to $185,000 per year. So, it’s like a huge range of salaries depending on what you do and how good you are at it.

Is it important to mention ChatGPT skills in your resume for these jobs?

Absolutely! If you write in your resume that you know how to use ChatGPT, it may make you more likely to get some jobs later. Companies really like it when people can do this because it’s a useful skill. So, mentioning it could be a good thing for your job prospects.

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